Trying to use SketchUp Make 2017 - Won't Work

Hello All,

Has anyone had a problem with downloading SketchUp Make 2017? I downloaded it as per the instructions, but it would not load and run. I got a message on one occasion that the file was corrupt…has anyone else had this problem?

Where did you get the installer?

Your profile says your operating system is “Dean.” I don’t think SketchUp is supported on that OS.

Did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

Yes I tried running it as an administrator. My name is Dean so Im not sure why that shows up?
Sorry I’m a little challenged when it comes to computer issues…

Where did you download the file from?

from Sketch

Try downloading it again.

I click on the ICON for Sketchup 2017 and nothing happens

Tried it 8 times, removed it 8 times…so tiry it again?

If you have other ideas I’m all ears! LOL Anything is appreciated…

Did you really right click on the installer and use Run as administrator?

Try again to install it that way and choose Repair.

Absolutely…got a blue warning box that the program wanted to change something in my computer and I allowed it…then nothing happened.

Do you have an anti-virus program running?

Yes sir…

Try disabling it temporarily and install SketchUp.

Also edit your profile and put in the correct information.

Will do! Thanks so much for the help…I*'ll get back to you shortly

Hi there…
Downloaded it again with all Virus/Firewall stuff OFF…no joy. Clicked (right clicked) on ICON…again got the box that the program wanted access to the computer…clicked YES.
Nothing happened.

As a side note…I also tried downloading the Sketchup Pro 2017 trial software…that loaded perfectly! It appears that only the free version does’t work…

Did you go through this before you started downloading SketchUp Make?

yes sir

selected “personal projects”