Sketchup application not compatiable with windows 7?

Now I have been using sketchup for a year now and recently I couldnt open sketchup because apperently its an “incompatable application” so today I have re-unstalled it 5 ruddy times and now I am quite annoyed as I planned to do some modelling now this happened I don’t know what to do this has ticked me right off and I need someone to help me please other wise all my work I have been doing for the past year will be unusable it will be nothing…

Which version of SketchUp are you trying to install?

its the newer version

SketchUp 2017? Is your Win 7 installation 32-bit or 64-bit? SketchUp 2017 is a 64-bit application and will not work on a 32-bit operating system.

SU is compatible with Win7.

You haven’t listed your graphics card in your profile. There was a change with SU17 requiring OpenGL functionality included with the graphics driver. Also be sure to r-click on the SU installer and chose Run as Administrator.

yeah sorry about not mentioning my graphics card I don’t know it

and my installation is 64bit

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, it won’t install correctly.

It would be a good idea to find out what the graphics card is and make sure its drivers are up to date.

No I didn’t do that

Then you didn’t install it correctly. Try again using Run as administrator and when it presents itself, choose the Repair option.

To find your graphics card: open Window Start > do a search for Device Manager. What’s listed under Display Adaptors?

okay I am at the repairing bit is that what happens what your run it as an administrator when installing?

If you’d used Run as administrator as you should have in the first place, there’d be no need to repair the installation. Hopefully your repeated attempts at installing it incorrectly won’t be a problem.

right I’ve done everything you said but still nothing.

What happens when you try to start SketchUp?

nothing comes up even if I click it multiple times and when I go into task manager it just has multiple processes of sketchup

What is your graphics card?

Did you run the companion app to SU17 called Checkup? What does iit report?

Another thing, check that your antivirus program isn’t blocking it. Every time I install SU, I need to whitelist it with my antivirus program. Try finding the antivirus icon in the lower right corner task bar and r-click on lit. There may be some option to examine your running processes. Check that SU isn’t blocked.

which one do you have? I have anit-malware

also when I looked in display adaptors I found ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650