Is it actually possible to install SketchUp on Win 7? About to give up

I’m trying to install it on a pretty powerful Windows 7 desktop but it just seems impossible.

It was nagging about something being missing, downloaded from Microsoft and tried again, got a bit further now it’s upset about some Hotfix KB299926 problem. I downloaded again from Microsoft to be told “this update is not applicable to your computer”.

I’ve previously had same problem with my Win 7 laptop, despite updating everything known to man it still wouldn’t work.

I’m getting a bit tired of jumping through hoops.Does this thing actually work on Win 7?

Utterly fed up. Never known any program so difficult to install.

I use SketchUp at work on two different Win7 machines and it works just fine.

Is it 64-bit Win7 that you have? Are you right clicking on the SketchUp installer and choosing Run as Administrator?

Your description of missing MS components is a bit vague. SU requires specific versions of .NET Framework and VC++. The SU installer examines the computer and will download and install missing components. Sometimes though, the required components aren’t installed and need to be installed separately. Also as SU17 requires hardware acceleration, your graphic driver’s support of OpenGL 3.0 is very important.

Your hotfix problem has to do with one of the required components - Visual C ++. It may be best to uninstall all copies of VC++ through add/remove programs and get fresh copies. MS has been known to offer bum versions of this that doesn’t play nice with SU. See a description of the process in this thread

BTW, I run SU on Win7 without any issues.

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I use win 7 and it works great. Windows 7, unlike win 10, doesn’t auto-break programs either which I really appreciate.

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