Can't install SketchUp

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I just found this program today and I am beyond excited to try it, but I can’t get it to install. I have searched the forums and found the following suggestions:

  1. Make sure drivers are up to date (check)
  2. Run installer as administrator (check)
  3. Download from updated Internet Explorer (check - I am running the latest version)

Here is the error message I receive every time I try to install (have tried 7 times so far):

Can anyone help? Is there a link to the SketchUp 2016 maybe? It sounds like that one was more stable.

Running Windows 7 64-bit


Search this forum for thumbs dll and you will find a dozen threads with suggestions for fixing this, some of which you have already tried. Others may work

SU17 right? Try installing required VC++ manually. The installer is designed to update this if it is missing, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. See 2017 not Launching for relevant links.