Typing tool causing Bugsplat in Layout

I am experiencing a BugSplat in Layout when using the typing tool. The first time I click the cursor to use the typing tool it works fine and I am able to type my label. Then when I move the cursor to another area of the drawing to and click the cursor again the program boots me out and I receive a BugSplat window. I tried opening a new blank file and just used the typing tool on a blank page, with the same results on the second attempt at using the typing tool.


Your profile says that you’re using LayUp version 2015 on Mac - what version of OS X are you running? LayOut 2015 will have some crashes in the text editor on newer versions of OS X. If you’re on a newer OS version, you will need to update your version of LayOut to 2016 or later.

(Crash id 7866)


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