Two Trimble Connect issues

We’re seeing two new Trimble Connect issues. One is where you choose File/Trimble Connect/Open Model, and the window appears briefly then goes away. That problem may be related to the issues that are solved by signing out and in again. Doing that does seem to solve the problem.

The other issue is that you only see projects listed that have a custom thumbnail. The projects that have the generic thumbnail don’t appear as a project for you to choose from.

Given that you can see the image is really there, it’s a puzzle why the image throws an error when being loaded into the Open Model window. Having caused an error the project then doesn’t get added to the list. We are informing the right team about the problem.

The work around for now is to go into the project’s settings in Trimble Connect in a browser, and replace the helmet graphic with something else. Then the project will show up, using the replacement image you uploaded.

@trent may have ideas, or can let us know if there is progress on the second problem.


You can replace them with this one if you like the looks of it:


Hi all!

One of the issues mentioned in this post should now be resolved. You should now be able to see all your projects in your Trimble Connect account, also the ones with no custom thumbnail. The projects that have the generic will also be visible.

Please, let us know if you are still experiencing any issue in relation to this topic.

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Thanks Alice. I checked, and now see all of my projects.

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Great to hear and thanks for confirming @colin !

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