SketchUp Pro is not showing my Trimble Connect Projects

I have been using SketchUp for Web. I just purchased the SketchUp Pro membership. I have both SketchUp Pro 2022 and SketchUp 2023 desktop apps. But when I open either desktop app, my Trimble Connect projects are not showing? On the left side of the app, I see Home and Learn. In the SketchUp for Web app, there’s a Trimble Connect option. What am I missing?

Did you use the same email address and password for your pro subscription that you used for your free account?

The desktop app ‘s Welcome screen doesn’t show the models hosted on Trimble Connect.
You need to open a (new) model and then you can go to the File menu > Trimble Connect, and check the options you have.

yes, I did.

Thanks what it was! Thank you!