Trimble Connect Not Showing Up Under Sketchup > File


I’m recently back in the Sketchup fold after a long absence. My license had lapsed. Without knowing that, I signed up for Sketchup for iPad. When I signed in the my account on macOS, I discovered I didn’t have any products. Squared that all away, bought new license. Cancelled Sketchup license.

Apparently created a new account while signing up since I used a company name this time. Recent Sketchup models from iPad didn’t show up under new account. That was yesterday.

Researched the transfer of ownership of models to new account. I am signed in under new account on Sketchup Pro. Under Trimble Connect of that same account, I see my models. That was this morning. North America, so Saturday, July 23 ~ 11:00 am EST.

However, Trimble Connect is Not Showing Up Under Sketchup > File. At all.

Am I simply waiting for the account and ownership and everything in the background to propagate?

My guess is that the iPad trial was under your Gmail address, and your Pro subscription is under your ventilateright address. You could go straight to the Trimble Connect site, signed in as your gmail address:

Look at the models you have made, and download any that you want to continue working on in the desktop SketchUp Pro, with your ventilateright email.

Or, you could go to the account management page, and under Members you could remove the ventilateright email and add your gmail address as the user. Then the models should show up in both places.

I can’t think of a reason for Trimble Connect to not appear in the File menu. It has changed its location since a few versions ago, and you may be looking in the wrong part of the menu. In any macOS application you can click on the Help menu, then type what you’re looking for. Typing ‘conn’ would quickly show up where the Trimble Connect menu items are.

If you want to change the seat to your Gmail address, here’s where to look at the Members list:

Thanks for getting back to me! To clarify, I have moved everything to Build Tight - Ventilate Right. If I follow your link back, I am signed in there and can see my project.

I believe I have done all of that that you have suggested.However, Trimble Connect Doesn’t even Show up under Help. Screenshots attached here.

Again, many thanks for replying. On a SATURDAY!


You need to have a model open for the TC menu items to appear.

This is partially correct. Trimble Connect is a plugin, and so only gets initialized when you start a new document, or open an existing one. But, you can then close that document and you will still have the Trimble Connect menu items, even if they are all grayed out.

But Mike is probably right about why you saw the issue, you were looking for the menu immediately after opening SketchUp, before looking at any documents.

Many thanks Mike and Colin!