Problem to connect Trimble from sketchup

I can’t open or published a model from or to Trimble in sketchup ?!
the Trimble connect window opened and stay blank.
My colleague have the same problem
We can open it in the internet browser and download any project, but not in sketchup.
We have sketchup Pro 22
ans two different licenses
thanks for you help


Hi @sebastien

Please try to clear you login_session.dat and try to Sign In again.
You can find instructions in this article:

Let me know if that works.


Hello Aris

Thanks for your response
I clear my login session … I sign again now
But it doesn’t work : (

Can you also please try to clear your cache from all your web browsers?

I clear the cache from my browsers
and i reboot my computer
doesn’t work

Please try one last time to sign out and sign back in. If this doesn’t work please reach out to support to open a ticket, as I do not have any other suggestions that pop to my mind.

Apologies for the inconvenience and I hope this gets resolved soon.

Thanks Aristodimos
I clear all my caches in my computer
but doesn’t work
i will open a ticket

efkaristo poli


Does any of the projects uses the default helmet?

Check this thread:

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So Many Thanks Mike

exactly, when i change the default helmet by a image… it’s work !!
it’s a very stupid issue, but its work :rofl:



The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use:

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