Cannot load model

I made it through the login issues by deleting the login_session.dat file, but now that I finally have the program open, I go to file/trimble connect/open model as usual and it sits there and grinds away trying to load projects. Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem?


I’m seeing the same slow connection in SketchUp but I can quickly get to my files by going to and signing in. Does that work for you? At least for the time being that ought to allow you to download and open your file.

Yes, that seems to work. I can see my projects there, but how do I open them in the sketchup 2022 program?

Tick the box to the left of the file name and click Download over in the panel on the right.

Screenshot - 10_15_2022 , 12_12_24 PM

Got it. Thanks again for your help!

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Good deal. Glad you can at least work on your file.

Shouldn’t you be out looking at the leaves or raking them, though? :smiley:

Does your project has the default helmet thumbnail?
Might wanna change that in the browser under ‘Settings’ > Project details

Yes, I should, but unfortunately I don’t have time for that! Thanks for your help!

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Thanks, Signing out and back in again seemed to do the trick