Saved files won't load

Hi, ex tradesman trying something new. I have saved drawings on trimble connect and when I click on Home they start loading and then stop. Then theres nothing. I know this is basic stuff for you all but I have not had much to do with tech so any help would be great. Thanks.

first make sure you are signed in with the same email address. Do you see the recent files? Do they have a thumbnail? Can you click on the details (three little dots or ‘hamburger menu’)?
How big are those files?

The Trimble Connect tab on the right first displays Projects, your’s probably called ‘SketchUp’. Can you navigate deeper?

You can also try to access the file ‘the other way around’:

In a browser, sign in here:
Navigate to the right server (America,Europe or Asia)
Open Project
Navigate in the data-explorer to the right folder (Note SketchUp project does not have folders)
Check the tickbox on the left, then, in the details panel that pops up on the right, click on ‘Edit in SketchUp’

I am in Australia. Which server should I be using?

You said you had used Trimble Connect for saving, so the files should be in one of the three, already.
You cannot ‘port’ Projects (thus files) from one Main server to another directly.
The choice of the SketchUp app is probably based on the region that is most close by, so in your case probably Asia?

Tried that and the only thing in it is a backup test that I did recently. When I open sketchup home now my models start to load and then stops and then I get a Welcome to sketchup pop-up that asks if I want a tour or to start modelling.

Can you share a screenshot?

There is nothing there. I click on home, my models start to load, then that stops and then there’s nothing. I click on trimble connect and there is nothing there.

You might be logged in with another Trimble ID inadvertedly. This can happen when you used the Google sign in option first and then the Yellow Trimble button (or vice versa)
Browsers remember all kinds of stuff, and automatically fills forms etc.
You might have two accounts.
Try opening a ‘private tab’ or ‘incognito’ and then gor to

But it starts loading my models and then cuts out.

I have no ideas further, maybe the files have become to big and your browser isn’t up to the job…

How big is the file? Very likely @MikeWayzovski’s thought about it being too large is on the mark.

Go to Trimble connect directly and download the file to your computer. Then share it here. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

The files aren’t big, they are gone. I go into my trimble account and there is nothing there now.

That’s different than not loading which implies they won’t open.

In nearly every case where a user has reported that their files don’t show up, it has turned out that they were signing into Trimble Connect or SketchUp Free with the wrong e-mail address. @colin might be able to help you identify if that’s the situation in your case.

Your name is a relatively common one, and so it’s hard for me to tell if you have a sign in under a different email address. Does your browser remember your passwords? If it does you could look up what user names and email addresses you have used when going to

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