Something went wrong trying to load this folder

When I try to rename/save a sketch, I’m asked to select a project.
I’m choosing the default one: SketchUp and I’m getting an error: “Something went wrong trying to load this folder”.
Same thing happens if I go to “Trimble Connect” and select the project.
I tried signing out, clearing my browser cache (Chrome) but nothing helps.

Any suggestion on how to save models?

same, i cant open my saved , help

Might be a server issue. Where are you located?

It is working for me here.

is there server problem for some server?

im in asia

There could be a server problem somewhere. I’m in the US and I’m not seeing any problem with saving my files.

thank you dave, its working now,

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I think it was a server problem. If you look at the Trimble Connect part of this page, it didn’t seem happy earlier on:

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