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I’m mad for mid mod ! Model is loosely based on a vintage mid mod interior image I stumbled on.


It looks like a set from a Scorcese movie. Or it’s a room in Scorcese’s lake house.

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Knocked this together last night. Another mod room divider for the parts bin. :sunglasses:


Love your mid-century modern furniture and scenes — great models, beautifully rendered with a consistent aesthetic through-line.

I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about what fireplace surround options would represent an authentic mid-century modern look?

db11, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I can’t say there’s a simple answer to your question about fireplaces. They run the gamut from plain brick, painted brick, quarried stone and natural stone. Can’t forget the occasional freestanding mod metal fireplace also. More likely to see brick in mid mod homes that were built as part of a larger subdivision and aimed at a solid middle class market. Eichler’s would be a good example of these. Jump over to the high end homes designed by the leading architects of the era and you’ll start seeing the more dramatic treatments. Palm Springs has great examples of the upper market mid century homes. One thing that tends to be common is the lack of a traditional hearth. The real commonality in design is how well they integrate with the overall design of the individual home.

Thanks for your reply. The reason I ask is because I’m helping my daughter with a fireplace insert/reno in their 60’s bungalow. We had to tear out the existing painted brick surround to remove the metal firebox and expand the opening. In the process we also removed the raised hearth and will replace with stone or tile flushed with the flooring.

We kept the brick and could rebuild something similar to the original with it, but they were also interested in slate or stone options. We’re just conscious of not stepping too far out of the existing architectural vernacular, so your reply is helpful. Thanks!

Off now to search Eichler references!

Best of luck with the renovation. Be prepared to break your brain when you start deep diving into all things mid century modern :wink: :+1:

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Dug up a very old unfinished model. Made some changes. Now I’ve got a t.v. stand in the style of Sam Maloof’s casework pieces. Drawers sized for dvd storage. :sunglasses:


A friend is wanting to add a small porch to the front of his shop. Asked if I could model something up for inspiration and ideas. Here’s a render of the result.


Imagination a little flat lately. Pulled out an old exhibit concept model to mess about with. Cleaned up some stuff. Played with lights and textures. It was a difficult space to deal with back then and still a pain in the rear all this time later. This was part of the job that got me using SU.


Sort of a work in progress post. Don’t do much of the sci-fi space stuff. Figured I’d step out of the comfort zone a little. Been messing with different variations of this model for awhile. Think I’m finally to the point of being able to start working on some renders. Just a monochrome view for now.


Another blast from the past. Modular wall unit straight out of my 1965 Sears catalog. :sunglasses:


Another mod chair for the parts file. Worked out the design from one image I found. SubD for the chair body and cushion. :sunglasses:


How I look when I miss my coffee in the morning. Messed about with an older practice model. Texture job not perfect but what the heck. Rendered in Twilight and got jazzy with the post pro in Affinity Photo. Posting the render and the SubD proxy.