Trimble scan essentials education

Could you kindly advise me to use Scan Essential with point clound if i have a SketchUp Studio for Education licenese that not have an Scan Essential On package. How we can still using Scan Essential plugin with my product?

i have a SketchUp Studio but can’t open file from .e57 for only reference with sketchup model. Coud it be possible to open on SketchUp

You can open point cloud files, including .e57, with Scan Essentials.

Click the folder icon to open file explorer.

yes, i know it’s can open with Scan Essential, But if i open and save with .skp. I will opening on the other computer that doesn’t have Scan Essential. It’s will can see point cloud medel yet?

No. The computer that is used to open the .skp file with also need to have Scan Essentials.