Scan essentials problem with Layout. Loading Point Cloud File... (Not Responding)

Since I update to the SketchUp Studio subscription, the extension Trimble Scan Essentials give me trouble in Layout. When I open a LO project, I get a small window saying: “Loading Point Cloud File… (Not…” and LO becomes unresponsive and I need to crash it. I then have to go back to the model, re-activate the extension (if it was not active), then unlink a point cloud, even if I don’t have a point cloud link to the model.

So I understand I need to unlink the point cloud in SU before I go to LO… but it means I need to do it to EVERY model I open in LO… That’s absolutely insane when you think about the number of files I open every day. I’m gonna have to unlink thousand and thousand of models every year! That doesn’t make any sense!!! Is there any way I can simply say to LO to NOT LOAD POINT CLOUD ever? In other words, turning off the extension for Layout? Thanks for your help.

Development: I’ve been opening a few projects in LO to test the problem, and some of my models are linked to a point cloud (even if for me there are not) and some are not and open right away! Weird!!! I’m gonna defenatly keep testing things out.