Scan essentials problem with Layout. Loading Point Cloud File... (Not Responding)

Since I update to the SketchUp Studio subscription, the extension Trimble Scan Essentials give me trouble in Layout. When I open a LO project, I get a small window saying: “Loading Point Cloud File… (Not…” and LO becomes unresponsive and I need to crash it. I then have to go back to the model, re-activate the extension (if it was not active), then unlink a point cloud, even if I don’t have a point cloud link to the model.

So I understand I need to unlink the point cloud in SU before I go to LO… but it means I need to do it to EVERY model I open in LO… That’s absolutely insane when you think about the number of files I open every day. I’m gonna have to unlink thousand and thousand of models every year! That doesn’t make any sense!!! Is there any way I can simply say to LO to NOT LOAD POINT CLOUD ever? In other words, turning off the extension for Layout? Thanks for your help.

Development: I’ve been opening a few projects in LO to test the problem, and some of my models are linked to a point cloud (even if for me there are not) and some are not and open right away! Weird!!! I’m gonna defenatly keep testing things out.

Hi Joe,

Sorry I missed your message. I am investigating.


Thx Jacques. I’ve installed an update of the plugin today. In SketchUp but also in Layout. Looking forward if it fix the crash problem. :slight_smile:

I have begun to understand how the crash occurs. (not responding… forever): When I open a LO file that’s associate with an skp file with a point cloud associate with it, but the point cloud file is not foundable. (File has been moved or delete)

Here’s the series of events that cause my problem:
A year ago, I was using the trial of Trimble Scan Essentials, before it was part of the SU studio bundle. During that period, I have created my annual template with a cloud file associate with it. (without noticing it) During the last year, most of my file, created from that template was associate to a point cloud but there was no way for me to see or control it as the Trimble Scan Essentials was not installed anymore. The trial was expired. (And the extension was more than 500$ at that time)
So when I subscribe to SU studio (with the extension included), ALL my files created during the year needed to be de-associated (in SU) from the unexisting cloud file before the attempt to open it in LO. If I don’t de-associate it in SU, LO will try to find it in a forever loop of not responsiveness.

What would be a great fix is that LO gives us the possibility of de-associate the cloud file OR simply ignore it.

Very clear. Thank you for your feedback Joe.