Trimble scan essentials not working

Hi all!

I have a BIG problem, anyone know why i get this message? (see picture). I have updatet to the latest version and i have paid for the extension but it tells me its not working with my sketchup. And of course i am in a hurry to finish a project and really need the extension. :frowning:
It has been working but suddenly it stopped and now it tells me it does nor work…


Are you sure you have downloaded the right extension from the Extension Warehouse? There is also the older Trimble Scan Explorer that isn’t compatible with SketchUp versions newer than 2017.

I think so, this is the one.

I don’t know for sure if this will make a difference, but you have a couple of email addresses. Your classic license is assigned to your .nu email address, but you got all your extensions with the .se address. Are you signed in with the .se address?

You do seem to have the latest version, but it could be worth removing and installing again, while signed in with your .se email.

There is a later version of SketchUp you can try, though it didn’t have any fixes to do with extensions.

Thanks for your answer. I am signed in with the .se adress. I will try to reinstall skethup again.

Reinstalled sketchup again but get the same messeage. :frowning:

What is the action that you do that leads to the message? I installed the extension, but I don’t know how to use it. No errors about version being wrong.

I get the message as soon as i try to open a pointcloud or load a new. it does not matter if i choose a .Las file or a .rwp

I seem to be able to open a half gigabyte rwp/rwi pair, but the scene goes blank. I’m on SketchUp 20.1.235.

Do you know where to get smaller .rwp examples?

No, i dont. The pointcloud i am tryig to open is 10GB but i also have a rwp wich is 666mb and its the same problem. I dont think its a matter of file size.

Does the message go away if you disable the extension and restart SketchUp?

If i disable the extension and restart i cant use the extension. I did this and of course, the extension was not visible. I activated it again and did a restart and it was the same. As soon as i try to import a pointcloud or open a rwp i get this message.

Different then the OP (20.0.373)
Goot and log in on the top left.
There is an option to download your Apps.


The compatibility error message pops up when

  • the extension cannot find the required functions in the SketchUp API.
  • the extension cannot load one of its dependencies. You may try to clean your plugin folder (remove su_pcp folder and su_pcp.rb) and reinstall the extension.

It seems you have successfully used the trial version before purchasing a license. Have you changed anything in your configuration? Different GPU? Different computer?

Yes, it did work for about 5 days and then suddenly stopped. I have not changed anything (im aware of) in my configutation.
Where is that folder placed?

It is in the AppData folder:
%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\SketchUp\Plugins