Scan Essentials - transfer to Layout

Hi there!

I’m trialling scan essentials at the moment and have been bringing in point clouds and modelling from them and all is good.

However, two issues have arisen…

1 Match Photo - doesn’t seem to like the model after point cloud has been imported and it glitches. Even after removing the point cloud.

2 Layout - I’ve tried bringing my sketchup model into layout and the point cloud keeps appearing and again, this is after I have disconnected the point cloud from the sketchup file.

3 is there a way of importing point clouds so that once you have rotated and placed them that they stay there. I’ve been working with maybe 3 point cloud surveys on the same model and keep conncecting and reconnecting and every time I do it I have to reorganise.


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2- Layout
You can Turn Off the point cloud visibility (in Scan Essentials toolbar) and save your skp. It should not appear in LayOut anymore. You may have to update the model reference in LayOut.

3- Do you mean 3 surveys with different coordinate frames?


Hi Jacques,

I’ve tried turning it off and I’ve even disconnected the module ( Red Cross icon) then saved then opened in layout, updated the skp file and it still appears.

In terms of the point clouds, I’ve been scanning with my iPhone so keeping file sizes down and doing two or three scans. I suppose if I could I’d stitch them together but it looks like I can only show one at a time.

I will investigate.

Could you type:
Sketchup.active_model.set_attribute('PCP', 'RWP', '')
in the SketchUp ruby console and save your skp? It should disconnect the point cloud as well.

Thanks - that has worked for me.

still valid for 2021.1 …anything?

You can turn off the point cloud with the 4th button of the toolbar.
If you are working with Scenes, don’t forget to update the current scene before saving the project.

If you prefer to completely remove the Point Cloud from your project, click "Unlick point cloud’ in the point cloud manager and save your project.

If you have any issues please let me know.