Viewing and Using Point Clouds in Layout


I have a point cloud in Sketchup, and I am trying to view it in a Layout sheet but I can not see the point cloud in the viewport I created.
I can even see the clipping box for the point cloud in my viewport but not the point cloud.

Please help.




If you use Scan Essentials for LayOut, can you see the point cloud when you orbit the model?


Hi Jacques,

Yes I am using Scan Essentials.

I cannot see the point cloud when I orbit the model


Could you share your SketchUp model and point cloud so that I can investigate the issue?


The issue is solved. Here is a quick update for others. Scan Essentials for LayOut was not properly installed for some reasons. It should normally appear in the LayOut extension folder:
If it is not the case, please contact your Administrator as the installation of Scan Essentials for LayOut may require Admin privileges.

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I’m having similar issues but this fix did not solve my problem.

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2022

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