Scan Essentials Scene/Visibility Controls

I am an enthusiastic user of Scan Essentials, however this has frustrated me for a long time. Scan Essentials needs better scene visibility controls in SketchUp and Layout. There are no specific Point Cloud Visibility control for scenes.

If I import a point cloud into a working model with several scenes, the point cloud is visible-by-default in every scene. I have to go through every scene, turn off the point cloud and “Update Scene” hoping I didn’t move the camera… Is it possible to have better control?

Layout zero control? If I open a second project with a different point cloud I get an error that Layout can only support one point cloud. Even if I close the other project, there is no way to unload the point cloud from Layout without closing Layout all together…

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Hi Trevor

Thanks for your feedback and this is a very useful feedback. We will take a look this issue and will you be open to take a customer research call with the team ? We spoke a few years ago and we think a reconnection is needed! Just email me and we can set up a time to speak. Thanks

Would be happy to, thanks! Could someone from the Sketchup team join as well?

Please prioritize this. I am having the exact same issue in a model with more than 150 scenes.
Having to turn off the point cloud in every single scene is a very time consuming job.
Best regards, Stefan