Scan Essentials: Please add ability to assign the Point Cloud to a Tag


I just came across an issue that with the Scan Essentials Point Cloud and Scenes.

It seems I have to update each scene individually to turn the point cloud off from all the scenes where I do not want it visible. (Assuming I’m not missing something) This is very time consuming. I use SketchUp to create my architectural construction documents and Interior design package drawings and can easily end up with well over 100 scenes for site plans, roof plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, exterior and interior elevations, electrical plans…

It would be much easier if I could assign the Point Cloud to a Tag, similar to how Add Location assigns the the imported imagery to Location Snapshot and Location Terrain Tags, that I can manage as needed.

With this I could then simply update the visible Tag attribute across many scenes at the same time, or if I don’t want the Point Cloud on on most of my scenes, which is usually the case, I can use How2SU’s “Auto-Invisible Layer” plugin to create a new Tag that is OFF on all my existing scenes and then move the point cloud to that Tag. (by the way, you should buy that concept from How2SU, and make that a built-in standard feature for when you create TAGs)

Thanks for the great software and happy to help where I can.

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Good feedback. We were also asked to add Point Cloud settings to SketchUp Styles as attributes which could ease similar workflows.

Here is what you could do, even if it is not a perfect solution:

Point Cloud parameters are currently SketchUp attributes. This means you can select multiple scenes in the tray, change a point cloud visibility setting, right click in the scene tray, and update multiple scenes at once. You will need to keep at least one option checked to trigger an update of the Point Cloud attributes (or of any other attributes).

Again this is not a solution, but more a workaround.

Save your project before updating multiple scenes, it can be annoying to revert


Thank you, Jacques for the explanation of how the Point Cloud On/Off is an attribute that can be updated across many scenes at once. I’m assuming this would only work for scenes that share the same settings for all the other attributes.

The way I am currently using the Point Cloud is to model existing conditions. I have yet to integrate Point Clouds into my presentation workflow in Layout. With that said, I’d be good with a way to keep the Point Cloud off globally on all scenes, and I turn it on only when I need the cloud to model to. I would prefer this versus unloading or unlinking the Point Cloud, being that I usually have to move and rotate it into position, and I assume I would lose that work by unloading and reloading when needed.

Another feature which did not seem to work for me, is the ability to import the positioned point cloud from one SketchUp file to another. If this were to work, I could see referencing the Point Cloud SketchUp File as a Component that I could then assign to a Tag and control visibility as needed.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try auto invisible layer from the extension warehouse.

True RLGL, and I use that for Tags, but, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think I can assign the Point Cloud to a Tag. If that is correct, that is the issue. Allowing it to be assigned to a Tag would solve my workflow issues. :slight_smile: