Scan Essentials, Sketchup and Sketchup Viewer

I am using point clouds regularly now as part of my everyday workflow.

Point Cloud context models allow me to insert my sketchup models of proposals into a point cloud environment without having to model the context as a sketchup model.

This is useful for me to develop design and I can capture views in sketchup and also orbit/ navigate models within the sketchup environment.

I would now like to use this approach when discussing projects with clients and so far I have been meeting clients (usually at their home) and using sketchup viewer as the main app to do this.

I have asked to join the Sketchup BETA group so that I can try using sketchup on the move and waiting for this to come through.

I wondered if this BETA allows the same function with Scan Essentials as the desktop version?

Kind regards

Stephen Macaulay
YAM Architects

H Stephen, nice to ‘see’ your post here! Hope you are keeping well. Do you mean the BETA group of SketchUp? In the beta group, you can try out the latest version of the desktop app… so it will be the version that you can use Scan Essentials with :slight_smile:

Hi Olivia!

Happy New Year to you!

It is the Sketchup for Ipad Beta that I was hoping to join as it is the Ipad that I take out to meetings. I was wondering if that version of Sketchup facilitated Scan Essentials and therefore would allow me to present models containing Point Clouds.



Currently, the extension is only available for Windows

Hi Stephen

Happy new year to you! Hope you had a good break :slight_smile:

The iPad beta does not have a different version of SketchUp. The current version won’t be able to show Point clouds. So you want to have your iPad editor to present models with PC ? It does not support PC and streaming… but do post a feature request in the beta group so the team would be aware of the demand.

How did your beta testing go with Everypoint app by the way ? We should have a call to catchup soon.


Hello again!

Thanks for this - I will put a request in.

I am ongoing with Everypoint. It is a great step up and has proved really useful. Jonathan has been very supportive and has given me some guidance on using Cloud Compare to combine and manipulate PCs which has been a bit of a game changer. I am now creating site context models which go way beyond what you would realistically be expected to draw for residential work but really informs the design work. I can show this to clients with model snapshots but it would be great to show this on the live model.

A catch up would be good actually.

Kind regards

Stephen Macaulay
YAM Architects

Hi Stephen,

While point clouds are not currently supported on the iPad beta, you will be able to visualize point clouds along with your SketchUp file (or any other 3d file format actually) using the [Trimble Connect for iPad] app(‎Trimble-Connect on the App Store). If you haven’t tried it yet, download it from the App store and give it a go. Access to TC is included with your SketchUp subscription.