Layout not showing Point cloud in viewports

Yesterday I set up some drawing sheets with viewports and scenes selected from a sketch-up model (which has a point cloud referenced to it). Some scenes have been set up to show the sketch-up model with the point cloud and others have not. Yesterday they showed fine. This morning, on opening the layout file, none of the viewports show the point cloud. I can’t understand why. Please help!
Many thanks!

Point clouds are generally composed of guidepoints. Guides don’t show when rendering as Vector. Did the render type get changed for the viewport?

Were guides deleted in the associated SketchUp model?

It would be helpful to see the LayOut and SketchUp files you are working with.

Many thanks for your reply.

Since I wrote the query my Layout file crashed. I reopened it and the point cloud now shows (?!) so that is a step forward.

To answer your questions; I did try toggling on and off the vector, hybrid, raster in the viewport settings in Layout. Initially, when toggling on Raster, the point cloud showed. This was how I managed to show the point cloud on the first day. When reopening however, it didn’t seem to matter which setting I used.

With regard to the guides in sketch-up - excuse my ignorance - what are they exactly?

It seems to be working for now but I’m struggling to export as a PDF… parts of the point cloud are missing on the exported pdf file, (rectangular tiles). I know this is a development from my initial query but maybe you could help with that too?

The files are quite large so I’ll try describing it for now but perhaps could send them later if I can’t work it out…

Many thanks again!

Curious. It’s puzzling that they would start to show again but as long as they do…

In SketchUp, guides (guide points and guidelines) are typically used as temporary references. I equate them to pencil marks on a board or chalk lines on a wall or floor or spray painted mark on the ground at a building site. They don’t affect the geometry in the model and are very volatile in that they are quickly deleted by Edit>Delete guides. Point clouds are usually made up of guide points which requires some care to avoid losing.

Are you exporting as PDF or Printing to PDF? If exporting, what is the output quality set to?

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll do some more research on guide points and guidelines.
I tried a few options whilst exporting to pdf. It seems that the high resolution won’t work however the medium resolution does work. I have disabled pdf layers also. So I will have to be content with that option.
Thanks for your time.
Best wishes.

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What version is installed? In SketchUp, [menu] Extensions > Extension manager

There was an update 24 januari.

It might give other results.
Upon installing, one needs to give permission to load the LayOut extension as well.

The point clouds are an OpenGL thing, they are not native SketchUp entities (guide points or lines)
It would make both apps not workable if they where.
One can turn pointcloud dots into a guidepoint manually with the extension in SketchUp, though.

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