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Hi, I’m stacking two viewport, the fisrt one in raster (floor plan) and the one on top in vector (cabinet) and the vector viewport is not showing off transparent. It’s all white like it was still on raster mode. I do that all the time, no later then friday last week and it’s the firts time a experience this problem.

I cannot upload my layout file… I put a printscreen instead

Thank you

What are the sky and ground settings in the style for the Vector viewport?

If you share the LO file, it’ll be easier to sort out what you’ve got going on. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.


Looking. Back shortly.

I tried a lot of style and no one worked.

Thank you

Well, that’s an odd one. I couldn’t get rid of the background in your vieewport however after opening the SketchUp file and sending to a new LO file the background was not displayed. I then copied that viewport into your document and replaced the misbehaving one.

While I was looking at your SketchUp file I found some incorrect tag usage and a lot of unused stuff.

Screenshot - 6_22_2021 , 7_44_13 AM

Screenshot - 6_22_2021 , 7_44_32 AM

Purging the unused stuff reduced the file size by about 35%. There was also a lot of unused stuff in the LO file which I purged. Here’s the link.

Select the viewport B_Mobilier (SketchUp Model) > Shape Style panel > Deactivate Fill (white)


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Good catch. I didn’t see that Fill was turned on in Shape Style.

@skatingdoris do you remember turning on Fill for the viewport? I guess I can’t say it’s ever occurred to me to do so.

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OMG! Thank you! Often just by clicking to change page in my tray the fill or stoke just turns on automatically and I dont know why. That must of happen here…

For the purge thing how did you do it. I do it by clicking on the arrow in each section of the tray. Sorry, dont really know how to explain in english…

I learned by myself so I still have a lot to learn…

That shouldn’t happen which makes me think there’s something else going on.

Purging from the individual trays isn’t a bad thing. Just do the Components before you purge Materials. You can also go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. I use a plugin called Purge All to do that because it gives the report window so I can show how much stuff has been purged.

I also used a plugin to correct the tag usage for the raw geometry in the model. ALL edges and faces should be created and left Untagged. Only objects (groups and components) should get tags. It seems fairly common to get components from the 3D Warehouse in which the author hasn’t followed that rule and you inherit problems because of it.

Thank you very much!