Scan Essentials point cloud keeps disappearing from the model


I’ve managed to build a small model using the point cloud model but now it just keeps disappearing and only what I’ve built is visible. Sometimes when I click on parallel projection view it comes back but as soon as I’ve clicked on perspective it disappears. The clipping boxes are impossible to work with now as even when I select a part of the model then click on ‘create clipping box from sketchup selection’ nothing appears. I know the point cloud is there because in some views it randomly appears. Also in some view when I zoom in it appears and when I zoom out it disappears again. What could be the problem? Thank you very much


Is your point cloud far from the SketchUp origin?

Could you share your model and point cloud?



Wild point cloud.skp (1.4 MB)
Processing: J21409_Uplands.e57…

Thank you for your quick reply. I’m sharing my model but can’t upload the point cloud. Will it be in the actual model I’ve shared?
Thank you

I’ve also noticed that when I go to ‘turn off point cloud’ the whole model disappears. I thought whatever I build isn’t part of the actual point cloud.

I wasn’t able to upload the point cloud file as it’s an e57 file and it’s not a format it let’s me upload. The point cloud is almost 21GB big. Could it be that the file is just too large to work with?

21GB is too large for this forum :slight_smile:

Could you try to delete all the Clipping Box from the Outliner?