Too many users

Hi, while i was woorking in sketchup and wantet to open a new drawing this showed up (You are using SketchUp Pro on too many machines. Please sign-out from another machine, or manage your activations below). but i am the only user, and now i cant open any drawing.
Anyone know what to do.

go to the Trimble Account Management Portal, login with your registered email address and deauthorize all pending product activations, logout/login (icon top right corner) then:

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This part of what SketchUp3D_de says: “logout/login (icon top right corner)”, that would be back inside SketchUp. Signing out from the account management page itself wouldn’t make SketchUp work.

Something to watch out for, if you still have 2019 installed and are now using 2020, the 2019 sign in you did will still seem like and additional sign in. The deauthorize all devices you do in the account management page will give you a fresh start, and if it’s only you using SketchUp on one machine, you shouldn’t see the message again.

Thank you very much for your answer, unfortunatly that didn´t work or i didn´t do it right.
i can´t open sketchup only the window (welcome to sketchup)

In the upper right of the welcome screen is an avatar. If you click on that and sign out, can you then come back to SketchUp and sign in again?