Downloaded new software version and can't access my account now

Ugh, should’ve known better, but I downloaded the new software update to Sketchup and now I can’t get back into my account. I’ve logged in and out a multitude of times. it lets me log in thru Trimble and says I’m “signed into all things Sketchup”, but when I try to access my account it tells me I’ve “exceeded my activations”. I followed a YouTube video that said to deactivate all of your devices and that it would allow you back in. But that didn’t work. Sigh… Any help would be grateful here…

Did you have sketchup installed on other devices? Did you go to your Trimble profile on the web and managed your account? Or what was the method of the video for doing that?

If you have done the deauthorize all devices step, you would still need to sign out and back in again for it to be reconsidered. I believe the check is done during sign in.

That aside, if you open the older version of SketchUp and sign out from there, that would free up an activation for the later version to use.

ive tried that 3 times already including restarting my computer. I’m still locked out

this is incredibly frustrating as I’m working on a project with a deadline. I don’t understand why this isn’t streamlined. I don’t have any other programs where it locks me out when I update them.