Locked out of Sketchup pro

I purchased a new computer and neglected to sign out of Sketchup pro before doing a factory reinstall on the old computer.
Now I am locked out of Sketchup and the account administrator who sold me the pro edition cannot help? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated
Regards Brett

Go to SketchUp.com and contact Customer Support. They can help you free up the license.

Thanks for following Dave’s advice. I saw your support request, and replied to it. Here’s what I wrote, for the benefit of anyone who chances across this post:

Because you have a subscription you can sign into this page:


When you get there, choose My Products, then in the SketchUp Pro panel look at the paragraph of text. At the end it says Manage Devices. Click on that, and deauthorize all devices.

That will effectively sign you out from the factory reset computer. On the computer you are using it will either immediately be ok, or just sign out, then sign in again, and it will work.

thanks for your response DaveR
I have spent a considerable amount of time in the Skethup.com help center and traveled the loop with no success.
I have sent messages, emails and left voicemails.
hopefully will get a response soon, meanwhile I have pen and paper.
all the best

Sooner than you were expecting!

much appreciated…thank you for the help