I am now locked out of SketchUp?!

I recently switched Macs (took over my daughter’s newer computer) in hopes of having an easier time with large SketchUp files. Everything has been fine for the last few weeks and now suddenly SketchUp cannot authenticate me as a user. As if there are too many users. My Pro plan obviously allows 1 user. I am on automatic annual renewal. I went into my account and tried to delete myself so I could again add myself as the single user. It did not work. I have no idea what to do but I am on a deadline and suddenly cannot access any of my drawings!!!

Go into your account and find the Deactivate devices button, this will sign you out of all of them, then sign in again on the new one.

Sorry I should have said Manage Devices button.

Box’ screen recording shows where to go. One thing that may not be obvious, you click on the View Included Applications link in order to see the other boxes, including the SketchUp Pro one that has the Manage Devices option.

To save a moment, here is the link to your account: