Can't run sketchup it says active on another computer

Trying to run Sketchup and it says
“You are using SketchUp Pro on too many machines. Please sign-out from another machine, or manage your activations below.”
I can’t find any computer with it running on - how can i use Sketchup?

You need to ‘Deauthorize’ your ‘machines’
Click on the blue ‘Manage Subscriptions’ button, or sign in on the topright of

Once signed in, you can access your TAMP (Trimble Account Management Portal) and look for ‘My Products’
Once you find the right product (SketchUp Pro), you must click on ‘View included Apps’

There, you must look for the right button and confirm.

Note, each version sign in counts as a device

Once you have deauthorized, you still need to sign out in SketchUp and back in, to trigger the changes.