The 85 Ft. Washing Machine

Can you imagine how big the house is?

I created this thread, primarily for all us hobbyist and artist to share horror stories of their first encounters with SketchUp. But all you pros are welcome to join - you too were once beginners. Here’s my story (and I’m stickin’ to it) …

Before I knew anything about the 3DWH, I used to play around with this program called “SketchUp” that I found online. I never really took it serious, and only sought it out when I had nothing better to do, or thought I could create some grand masterpiece… :blush:

I rarely, if ever, delete my work - no matter how bad it is, or seems to no longer have any connection to a finished piece. In looking for something else, I ran across this old “model” today and was surprised at just how little I knew back then. And though I was sitting here alone, I was almost embarrassed. However, despite my innocent ignorance at the time, I discovered that this monstrosity, with all it’s problems, retina-traumatizing materials, and the stuff every architect’s nightmares are surely made of, is only 544 kb … ROFL!!!

Just how big is this house, you ask? This modest little “ranch” comes in at a very comfortably roomy 460,000 square feet. Yes…you read that right - it’s no typo. But then…wouldn’t ya need that kinda space with such large appliances? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh…and by the way, that 460,000 sq ft doesn’t include the garage.

So… what’s your beginner’s story? Hope you have pix, too.

P.S. In case any are wondering… this pitiful little model has never seen the inside of the Warehouse. It would be five or six years before I learned about it’s existence, and another two to three years before I mustered half the nerve to even think about putting something in the 3DWH.

house.skp (553.5 KB)

There was a thread on this forum where someone took the Dave R scale up method to an extreme.

The guy scaled up his model by something like 1 million times… just for sake of it… And I’m pretty sure that placed him into the scenario where his model wouldn’t even fit onto planet Earth.

I’ll have to see if I can track that thread down, in an effort to share it here.


Here it is… and how bad is my memory. He actually scaled it up by 100 million times, not 1 million.

Anyhow, I can only admire this from afar… I would like to be able to claim it as my own, but it rightly belongs in the hands of someone a lot more courageous than myself.

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OMG… poor guy! I laughed so hard reading the first 5 or 6 replies, my dog was looking at me like I had lost it. I stopped reading after about the 50th post, though - especially since all the pix are gone now. I sure hope he finally got his model fixed…he was sounding a bit desperate there for a while.

Thanks for sharing that.

Reminds me of


Don’t think I have ever heard of The Tubes… but their 50’ woman would have come up to only the chair rails in my monster house! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I know a drummer who played with the Tubes. They weren’t bad.

My earlier experiences with SketchUp were incomplete disconnected elements and trying to control or utilize the inferencing with little tutorial help. Nothing too exciting. There is so much more help now.

The drummer is a bit of a legend “Prairie Prince”

oh I’ve heard of him. My friend played congas on some tracks, Mingo Lewis.

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