I can't find my SketchUp model and it seems so far zooming

I’m working on SketchUp 2020. I can’t find my SketchUp model and it seems so far zooming. There is “top” label in Left corner of the model. I have tried different ways to fix it. if anyone knows how to fix this issue please help. thank you !!

Can you attach the model.

I tried to attach the model. But it didn’t upload after 51%.

It’s probably too big, you’ll need to use dropbox or similar and add a link here.

There are model specific issues, that Box will continue to help on. But, for the case where the entire scene is blank for any model, even a new one, try Window, Preferences, OpenGL, and see what Use fast feedback is set to. Try checking that box.

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You might also try setting the Camera to Perspective, and then activate the Zoom Extents function.

If you use Select All, does the Entity Info window/panel show that something is selected? Just to make sure that the model is not completely empty.

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You could also try running this plugin after installing it.
RescueMyModel v12.rbz (1.8 KB)

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I’m sorry but that is too big for me to download on my metered connection.
The size suggests that you have been adding things from the 3d warehouse that are quite ‘heavy’. Many things are far more complex than is needed and often just simply bad or otherwise problematic.
Did the zoom problem start just after adding something?

I would suggest you go to Window/Model info/Statistics and click the Purge Unused button, then save the model again and see if it is smaller.

Someone with unlimited internet will come along soon and look at your model.

It would help if you filled in your forum profile correctly.

problem start just after adding 3D warehouse and scaling it. I tried different ways that you mention here. But still didn’t fix it. Anyway thank you for your huge support. Thanks all.

I did open your model. First thing I did was purge unused stuff. There is an awful lot of unused content in your model.
Screenshot - 3_12_2021 , 6_34_14 AM

Next, I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_12_2021 , 6_35_35 AM

Then I purged unused again.
Screenshot - 3_12_2021 , 6_37_17 AM

This reduced the file size by almost 74%. I’m still waiting on the utility to fix the camera, though.

You really need to get a handle on correct tag usage and clean modeling in SketchUp.

You mentioned downloading something from the 3D Warehouse and scaling it. You should always download from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file to check the component and make any adjustments before you put it in your project.

I’ll report back when the camera utility has completed.


With about 54 million edges and 4 million faces, it is amazing you can do much of anything with that model! I haven’t found the cause of it disappearing yet, but here are a few items no doubt from the 3D Warehouse that are dominating the statistics:

Spirea Bush#1 has 161 instances, each with 216,265 edges for a total of over 34.8 million - by far the “heaviest” item in the model

Mango tree#1 has 5 instances, each with 0ver 1.1million edges for a total of over 5.7 million

MALLASMULLA MASTER PLAN EDITED 26.05.15 Copy.dwg has about 3.7 million edges

Based on 3darcstudio tree has about 2.5 million edges

There are more, but I’ll stop there.

Any one of those is more content than usual in an entire complex model!

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I’ve never seen a model this badly constructed before. I copied one of the Master Plan components into a new file to have a look at it. It’s no wonder you’re having problems. Look at the size if it.

It’s 2578 miles wide and 2094 miles front to back. It’s only 2450 miles between New York City and Los Angeles.

And there are two instances of it in your model.

I’m going to suggest that you start over with this project. I cleaned up the master plan component to make it a reasonable size.
Wallsmulla plan.skp (2.6 MB)

As Steve points out, the trees and plants you’ve added are ridiculously bloated with geometry.


Ok, I found the culprit. There is a component instance whose size has gone to infinity. I don’t know why. I deleted it to make the model visible.

But the model is still far more complex than any I have ever encountered before. It crushes my Mac Book Pro. And, as @DaveR pointed out, it is spread over an insanely large area and with what appears to be a redundant copy of the contents (there is far too much detail there for me to even begin to verify that the two are identical).


I set an extension going, that should fix rogue geometry issues. It’s been running all morning, but ended up taking all spare memory. Here’s a screenshot that shows SketchUp was taking almost 244 GB of memory, at the time that I force quit it.

Told you it was a beast :wink:

Thanks for your huge support. I did see your resize model. But the thing is lots of components have been cleaned. I need all the components as this is proposed plan for a township development. Is there any way to resize it with all components because I wanna create 3D for full plan. I’m not having any idea of it.

Thanks for the support

Thanks for your support

I only extracted that plan out and got rid of the geometry that made it cover such a larger area. Your model is so overloaded that it isn’t usable anymore. As I suggested, it would be a good idea to start over. I think you’ll spend far less time at it starting over than the hours that have already been spent by Colin and I trying to get your model even visible.