My drawing has increased!

Sorry bout this simple question but I’m a novis, a real amateur.
Nevertheless I need your help.
Spent many hours on a drawing of a house I’m about to start building
All of sudden I discover that every line I have drawn has suddenly increased by approximately 38%. Can I shrink it back to normal? How do I do that?

It sounds like you may have scaled the model. You can use the scale command to scale it back down, if you know how much you need to scale it.

As said, sounds like you have scaled the entire model. If so it’s not the end of the world. First save a copy now for backup and start fixing a new copy. Now that you have a backup, determine if the entire model (everything) is bigger or just some parts. If it’s the entire model then the fix is not so bad. Find one dimension in your house that you know exactly what it should be, say a sheet of plywood that you know is 2m x 1m, in can be anything really. Next use the tape measure tool to measure the dimensions of the thing you know, click on startpoint, click on endpoint. the measurement in the box lower right will be wrong, that’s fine. Type in the measurement you want it to be, don’t need to click into the box, just type. A dialogue will pop up saying do you want to resize model, say yes.

if only one thing is sized wrong it a different fix but fixable.

Thanks a million
Was about to start crying and doing the drawing all over again.
Great to get such fast help

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