I imported a DWG at wrong scale - can I shrink it after done a lot of work?

Hi. Sketch up warned me about checking this this in beginner’s videos… BUT … I imported a DWG and did a lot of work on a drawing before I realised the scale is wrong.
Is there a way to shrink the whole drawing so I can carry on and not start again??

Sketchup Make, imported a DWG file

Thank you

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If you know a specific dimension in the improperly scaled model (say a door opening or a riser height for instance), you can easily scale your model to the appropriate size. Just activate the tape measure tool on the known entity and type in the correct dimension (no matter what the actual dimension is for now). SU will prompt you as to whether you want to scale the entire model. Click yes and your model will be scaled appropriately just that quickly!

friends … work that was already far indeed a big problem, but there is one way to solve that

  • dislodged the image area or component which does not correspond to the middle of the scale you do
  • import back in the fields or components of the image that has been scaled for in CAD to replace the back areas of the component.
    But if it occurs in the whole picture for me it feels weird because it would default after rendering and you can wear none scale.
    may be useful