Creating a scale in layout for a sketch up model, causes model to disappear

Hi, I’ve created a 2D model of a house plan in Sketch up Pro and saved it as a scene. When I import it into layout in the Sketchup Model box next to ‘Ortho’ it says ‘no scale’ (but I can see my house drawing). When I try and insert a scale, my house plan completely disappears from view in the scene box and I can’t find it anywhere, no matter what scale I try and set. It should be showing up at 1:100 or 1:200. What am I missing? I’ve re-scaled 3D models in layout with no problems previously, both in top view as a 2D and as a 3D.

It’s ok, I’ve answered my own question, my imported CAD DWG file came in at the wrong scale in sketch-up, I’ve re-sized the model to the correct dimensions and now it’s working in layout!


Thanks for sharing update/solution.