Scale won't work on sketchup 2D model in Layout?

Hi guys, so I imported a 2D SKetchup model of a tree to Layout. When I go to re-scale it with the blue box that surrounds it, the box changes size but the model does not. Any thoughts? Cheers

Look at the SketchUp Model panel. Untick the box for Preserve Scale on Resize.

What operating system are you using? You put 2023 in your forum profile but that is not an operating system.

using windows 10

I’ve tried the preserve scale, but its the same thing. the box changes sizw when you drag it, the model doesn’t

Share the LayOut file.

Put that in your forum profile, then.

layout tree.layout (69.3 KB)

As I wrote, remove the tick mark from Preserve Scale on Resize.

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Done that many many times, not working, hence my message

Reset the Camera first.

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hold up, rebooted layout and it has works! Thanks!