Sketch-Up 30 day free trial - imported dwg drawings are to no known scale

Using Sketch-Up 2023 30 day free-trail and have imported three dwg drawings to start modelling from. However, when modelling it quickly became apparent that the drawing was not to any scale???

Am I being a numpty or what? I have never come across this issue in all my time using Sketch-up in work studios. I tried to rescale the drawing using the imported dwg and the tape measure tool but this wouldn’t work either. Searching through the Sketch-Up menus discovered the scale was set to 1:100 which is what I neded for the dwg drawings but they are not to any known scale - for example what should have been 100mm was something like 1455mm! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

What are the import units set to in the Import Options? Do they match the units for the .dwg file you are importing?

Either the DWG was not to any scale, or you chose the wrong import unit. The default unit is Feet.
Post your model and the DWG you are importing to get better answers.
SketchUp has no scale, modelling is always done to full scale.

really ? here it’s “units in the model”

but if you export a dwg / dxf in a (too) old fomrat, thinking autocad 2000, the units of the file are not kept and you have to force a specific unit.

but yeah, i’m nitpicking, in the nd you’re right, it was probably imported at a wrong unit, maybe made in feet and imported in metres or cm to yards or…

“worst” case, just open the dwg component that SU created, and using the tape tool in scaling mode, rescale the whole plan at once.

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