Scaling an imported dxf drawing



My imported dxf in coming in at 3x the size of the original? Hopefully the picture is clear below. The 90" should be 30". Is there a way to have it import to a certain scale or is there a way to use the scale tool to evenly scale my imported dxf drawing?



Look in the Import window for Options. Set the units to match the units of the original DXF.

Alternatively, use the Tape Measure tool to measure the distance between 2 points (not two edges) and type the distance it should be. Hit Enter.


Hi Dave, I’ve tried that. Hmm…maybe I should try and scale the dxf in the CAD program? LOL.


Well, if the CAD file was drawn at some other scale, that would create a problem for importing it.


So what I did to fix this was to scale the dxf file in DraftSight to the correct size. (When I only get a PDF from the architect, I use InkScape to export the PDF to a DXF to import into SketchUp). I was getting ahead of myself and did not check to see if the dimensions were correct in the dxf file FIRST.


Good deal. I’m glad you got it sorted.

You should try to get a DXF or DWG direct from the architect to save you some steps and prevent errors in scaling.


We do ask for them. But when they take forever to get back to you, we need to find a work around. This is what I came up with…lol. Thanks!


I’m interested in the process of converting a PDF to a DXF using Inkscape, presumably vectorising an image file. Or is it a vector PDF? I ask because I am sure I have tried this before without success.


Good morning,

So you just open or import your PDF file in InkScape and simply “SAVE AS” and choose .dxf as the file type. Then you can import that into whatever programs that can import it.


I believe it does need to be a vector PDF for this to work, Simon.


Thought so. I don’t think I have ever knowingly seen a vector PDF (how do you tell?). Presumably if someone with CAD and the ability to write PDF files of their drawings should in theory be able to make sure it is saved as a vector version?


A PDF of vector-rendered viewports in LayOut will have vector lines.


PDF vector PDF-vector.pdf (160.1 KB)

PDF raster PDF-raster.pdf (24.9 KB)


Lines etc. in a vector PDF will remain smooth however much you zoom in. Most CAD/BIM applications can export or print vector PDF:s. Often the presence of raster elements (like turning on shadows in Revit) will cause the PDF to become rasterized.