DXF not recognized


  1. I’m trying to convert a PDF to a DXF using Inkscape.

  2. When I open then DXF in SketchUp, after saving as DXF in Inkscape, I get a blank square in SketchUP.

  3. Would anyone have advice on how to correctly use Inkscape for PDF conversion?

  4. Maybe I"m using Inkscape wrong or am not understanding the concept of this program.

  5. My main goal is to be able to correctly rescale a site plan sent to me as a PDF and make sure it is clear and readable too.

PDF is attached here.


Regan_9255_Staking Plat .pdf (5.9 MB)

Your PDF is a scanned paper drawing. Inkscape doesn’t convert that to vector lines. SketchUp Mac can import the PDF directly as a raster image. With a PC you would have to save it as an image from a PDF editor.

Thank you

What are you trying to accomplish? There are ways to convert raster lines to vector–you can even find some online converters for that. If you are just interested in getting the property lines for the lot indicated, there are some extensions that can do that. There’s at least one in the Extension Warehouse. I have an ancient one that I used for the following although it doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

I think this is roughly the right location.

Hi Dave

  1. I’m trying to import 2 visually clear PDF’s into SU and scale to the noted scale on each PDF.

  2. I’m trying to save time and not have to trace them.

  3. I then want to put the correctly scaled drawings on my title block in Layout for a landscape permit application.

  4. One drawing is 1"=20’, the other 1" = 10’

  5. I can bring a very clear PDF into LayOut, but the scale is off.

OceScans07212.pdf (667.4 KB)

OceScans05908.pdf (504.1 KB)


Maybe you can use the idea I shared with someone else who wanted to have an image in LO to scale.

Thank you very much. That worked great.

One thing I did that helped was to change my scale line color to RED so that I could see it when matching up my PDF.