Drawing to scale

Hello all, I’ve uploaded a JPEG plan, traced out the information needed, added some items from the library; however, it’s not to scale. The little lady shown at the axis point is still larger than my building and other elements. I tried to bring a tower crane into the model and I can’t reduce it down to the much smaller scale. What can I do to get my drawing to a larger scale…a more accurate scale something like 1" = 10’?

Models in SU are created at full scale or 1:1. SU’s model space can easily accommodate models as large as several square blocks at full scale. The only time scaling really becomes relevant is when you want to send some or all of your model to the printer (since clearly a house at full scale won’t fit on a piece of paper), and you can set scaling parameters on the Print dialog.

I think you’re going to have to break down and consult the Knowledge Base to scale your objects. Try these:

Although you don’t need it for this task, you should also read up on the Scale tool.


It’s best (and would make life easier) if you model at scale 1:1 in SketchUp.

You can male a selection “around” the geometry that needs to be scaled down or up to get it to actual size 1:1

The ‘Scale’ tool only scales the selection.
Inside a group or component you can select all and then scale to actual size 1:1

You can also apply the 'Tape Measure´ tool to measure something you know the actual size of.
Immadiately after measuring (whatever the measurements field shows does not matter!) just type the real size and hit [Enter]. SketchUp resizes everything in the current level accordingly.

If some geometry does not need to be scaled, then do the scaling or measuring>resizing inside a group’s environment in editing context.


As Gully said, you should try to work in 1:1 at the begining of your project. In your case, the image you inserted into SketchUp should have been scaled to 1:1 before you started to add geometry. No biggie as there is a simple fix for what you have done so far.

The fix …

  • Group together items that are all proportionately correct
  • Edit the group and with the measuring tape, click the begining and end of a known distance/measurement.
  • Immediately type what the measurement should be.
  • You should get a message box stating the change of everything within the group.



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