Set up scale for model

New to SketchUp Pro and need to set a scale of 1/4" to 1’ on my model.

No need to set a scale. You draw in SketchUp at 1:1.

The city I am going through requires this scale. Can I reset it?

You draw in SketchUp at full size. Make scenes to show the views and then in LayOut, you can set a scale for the viewports tied to those scenes.

You should spend time in the Learn section of

As @Daver said, in the world of SketchUp, ALL modeling is done 1:1, and then output is scaled in LayOut.

As DaveR says:

The only useful exceptions I can think of (which don’t apply here) are:

  • modelling small things especially using any tools like FollowMe which create (or more commonly, fail to create) faces smaller than SU can deal with. For those, it’s useful to work at a much larger size to create these faces, which survive scaling back down again. Search this forum for ‘the Dave Method’
  • drawing SU models of objects already built to scale, like model railway engines, trucks, coaches, etc., where you may want to draw at ‘full size’ of the scale model, not of the original.

Yes you can re-scale your part-drawn model. Either use the Tape Measure tool (see for how to use it to scale the whole model, or components or groups in it); or select the whole model, open the Scale tool, select the diagonal corner scale handle to scale on Red Green and Blue, and input either the scale factor you need (48) or type the dimensions you need the whole thing to be with a length unit - for example, 5280’ for a 1 mile real world dimension.

Again, see and the use of the Scale tool.

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