Set scale to 1:50 metric mm

First time looking at SketchUP I didn’t get far,how do I set metric scale, …Canadians…

You don’t need to set a scale as such in Sketchup, you basically work full size.
However, you can easily change the units the model use.

Go, Window/Model Info/Units and adjust the units and precision that you want to work with.

If you do this in an empty model and make any other specific adjustments you can then Save as Template for future use.

Scale is for printing or exporting 2D drawings only. You can set the scale when printing (or exporting 2D drawings from SketchUp Pro). Only views that use Parallel projection and one of the standard views (Top, Front…) can be printed to scale. Perspective views cannot, obviously, be to scale.


Thank you everyone for your prompt replies. Did not realize that my desktop had two icons, one for layout and one for sketchup, I used layout for the start of the drawing. Problem solved. Other problem, how do I get out of a command.
I used pencil, but kept on drawing when I hit Esc key Guress I have a long way to go.

Escape simply stops whatever the tool was doing while retaining the tool for use. To change tools click another tool.
Hitting space will default the the select tool.