I can't reset layout viewport scale to metric

I can’ reset layout’s viewport window scale to metric. I have reset the model in sketchup to metric and saved. When measured in SU it reads as desired in cm. I open it in layout, reset viewport scale to 1mm:100mm and it always defaults back to 1":100" I try to scale it and same, won’t go metric and reads as feet. I’m not even presented a metric choice if I turn off auto scale. Any thoughts? Thanks

Did you set Units in LayOut’s Preferences to metric?

Yes, thanks. I think I figured it out. I set LO to 1:100mm, as mentioned it ALWAYS shows and defaults to 1"=100" in the view dialog. When I go to dimension, I set it for engineering and no metric option. But if I set it to decimal, then I have metric options. Since 1:100 is a ratio it shouldn’t matter if metric or inches, I guess the problem is resolved, but it’s odd that the window viewport will NEVER allow me to set it as 1mm=100mm (I do have the LO document set to metric as well). Strange but OK. Again thanks for the response

Set up your template to use Metric units in the first place and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Good advice but on this project, I’ve got folks using imperial and others who need metric. Thanks again, appreciated.