Suspicious email

Hi there,

I just received a very suspicious email from a generic consulting company saying they represent Trimble and that my company is using 6 unauthorized licenses. In this email there is only a link to a suspicious website where I “need” to buy 6 3-year Pro licenses. I’m trying to contact Trimble just to make sure this is a SCAM, but I can’t find any email, phone number or anything like that.

What can I do to make sure to just erase and block this email?

Thank you.

What is the name of the “generic consulting company”?

Who did you get your subscription(s) from? Do you have six subscriptions? When should the subscriptions be due for renewal?


We have 2 older licenses (2019 and 2020) and one Pro Subscription only, that will renew next 9 October.

What country are you in? You could search to see if they are a legit reseller at but it sounds like you only have three licenses, two of which expired several years ago. I’d guess it’s a scam and can safely be deleted.

Did you get your subscription directly from Trimble or from a reseller?

We’re from Brazil. And yes, only 3 licenses, one subscription and 2 old licenses, that we still use. All of them we purchased directly form Trimble

And they don’t appear to be resellers:

I am getting in touch because Trimble Inc.'s security system has identified technical evidence that indicates that company XYZ allegedly carried out irregular access to its work

Diego Nobrega
Trimble Licensing Compliance Specialist

@colin might be able to confirm but if they aren’t on the reseller list on the SketchUp site, I would expect the best option is to ignore them.

This is a thing that happens to companies to use their license outside of the terms , for example sharing a subscription between multiple users or business that is using pirated software - Trimble have a very clear view on people doing this.
It is a 3rd party firm that handles these on Trimble’s behalf.

I don’t know if it is this company specifically - but that looks to be a legitimate company.

If the link they have given if you is for an authorised reseller/distributor and you have been found to be in some kind of breach, then they will be expecting your purchase. DaveR’s suggestion to check your local reseller/distributor and contact them is a sensible one. I probably wouldn’t ignore it though…

FYI Not all authorised resellers are listed on the Trimble website - so you could always contact one of the ones that are and ask for advice or perhaps a local Trimble contact.

Thanks for that clarification. It didn’t occur to me that the OP might be sharing licenses among users or possibly using pirated software.

There are lots of reasons, those are just 2 common examples I know that we deal with frequently. I think a healthy degree of scepticism is a good thing , but I think this would be a very specific , niche and not massively lucrative scam to exist. Never say never though, stranger things have happened :grinning:

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It could be very lucrative.
I know a firm that had to pay $1m+ for fees and penatlies relating to unintentional misuse of Autodesk products.
These third party firms are like sharks circling in bloody water.
There are often breaches of the EULAs which are thebresult of people dping silly things misinterpreting.

I think the investigation effort could be done by 3rd party firms but the comms and legal actions should come from the software company (eg trimble).

6 SketchUp subs is not big bucks :grinning:

Certainly not the $1m+ you are describing

I checked into this, and although Diego Nobrega doesn’t appear to work for Trimble, it could be a genuine email from someone working on behalf of Trimble.

There is a form you can use to ask questions about compliance issues:

Thanks a lot everyone.

Couldn’t find this form anywhere. Awesome! Just sent them all the information to make sure that it is a legit email.

Does anyone have any idea how long it takes them to respond?

Hey there, did you get any revert from SketchUp after you filled that form to check if Connor Consulting is a legitimate company?

Hello Dhwaj,

I excahanged some emails with the Compliance Team, but their final answer was “I am sorry, but this is not a Corporate Compliance matter. You need to reach out to Sketchup.”