Received an suspicious email from TRIMBLE mentioning about unauthorized license.

We are an organization based in Singapore, currently exploring the possibility of onboarding SketchUp. As part of our exploration, we planned to use the trial version to assess its suitability. However, we have encountered an issue where we are receiving continuous emails from Trimble, mentioning unauthorized license usage and potential legal complications.

We want to clarify that we have officially created an account for the trial version as provided on the official website. Despite this, we are uncertain about the legitimacy of these emails. Could someone offer suggestions on whether this is a legitimate concern or if it might be a potential scam?

This is a user forum and most members are volunteers with no connection to Trimble, while some Trimble employees participate from time to time. Maybe @colin can provide you with more info. Or you could gtry arranging your trials with a local reseller near you.

These are the companies who handle license compliance

If it is one of them, then its legitimate.