Suddenly getting error: Are you in the right place?

We are having a problem with the Are You in the Right Place error message on Our school district has been using the Sketchup Marketplace App for many months now and it simply stopped working this week. The Sketchup for Schools app is properly deployed in our GSuite marketplace. Anybody else having this problem with Sketchup for Schools? We’re looking for a resolution.


Hi @twmulroy, I’m not sure why your access was revoked all of a sudden. We haven’t heard of any others experiencing this issue, but let me try to put your school on our whitelist and see if that unblocks you. Can you send me your school’s domain?

Thank you for your help. We are still experiencing the same issue as of this morning. Our domain is

Okay, you’re on the whitelist. Give it a try now.

Looks like the issue has been resolved. Many Thanks!

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I’m a student with Austin ISD. I keep getting the same “are you in the right place” message everytime i select my student email. please advise.

@gavin.kalutkiewicz9e is this your first time logging into SketchUp for Schools with your edu account?

yes, it was working on monday. When I tried today, it did not work. the rest of my class could get in. .

I have a quick update: if I go to this link directly it works just fine with my school account.

If I use the link provided by my school at i get the error message.

Hi, I have been using sketchup for about 2 months now and for the last couple of weeks it has been an absolute nightmare to use. It randomly cuts out either when I add something new or try to save. Today it is not even letting me into the website because of this error. Please fix this.

I have a teacher at our school who has been using sketchup for the last few years and now gets this error message. domain is

The first link that you provided is for our SketchUp Free product, which is different than SketchUp for Schools.
In order to return permissions for SketchUp for Schools, please reach out to your school’s IT administrator and share the instructions in the attached post with them: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users

@dleveille and @Lialah we’re sorry that you have been experiencing so many access issues. Due to changes Google recently made to their permissions procedures all of our Google users will need to have their administrators reinstall the application on behalf of their users. Please refer to the following post for instructions on how to do this: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users

Please whitelist .

We just started getting this message too. Is our domain still whitelisted? and