Are you in the right place? Error Please whitelist Domain

I have one student who is unable to log into sketchup for schools with their google account? I have verified that they are set up like everyone else. Can you whitelist our domain?

I have seen in other forums that this worked. Other then that I don’t have an answer.

Hi @jensena, thanks for the post. I have confirmed that you are added in the database so you should be all set. Are you still running into an error with that student or did you get it resolved?

Hi Casey, I’m having the same error can you add to the whitelist. I was hoping to use sketchup for schools on Tuesday, I was getting the same error today when testing it out.

Thanks for the post @downunderman. I’ll get you added to our database right now and you will be all set to deploy the app by the time this post is live, assuming of course that you have not done so already. If your issue is the same as the one I think it is, this is all you will need to do to get your school up and running in SketchUp for Schools.

If you end up with a new error, let me know and I’lll see what I can do to get you up and running for your planned class on Tuesday!

@CaseyG thank you. I will test it out with Grade 10 this afternoon to see if it works and let you know.


@CaseyG it still is looping back to “Are you in the Right place” (testing on a student’s device)

@CaseyG oh nevermind, I had to add it as an allowed app to this class. I think I’m good.