Subtract tool is breaking second component after subtracting

I have a problem I can’t figure out for days with the solid subtract tool. I have 2 solid components (checked with solidinspector2) and once I subtract the yellow component (see attached) from the gray component, I destroys parts of the gray component (see screenshot).

Really not sure what to do here, both components seem to be “clean”. Could anybody help?

Thank you!
Hex mirror v1.1-forum.skp (102.9 KB)

Is this what you’re hoping for? Or do you want the yellow one to trim the gray one?

I used the Dave Method and instead of the native Subtract, I used BoolTools2 so I didn’t lose the trimming component and so that the Dave Method actually worked.

Or maybe this one?

Thank you so much, that was fast and I am so happy that is actually works! Is there another tool you could suggest, other than BoolTools2?

You could try Eneroth Solid Tools although I find BoolTools2 more robust most of the time.

I agree. I have seen some evidence that behind the scenes booltools 2 uses scaling techniques similar to the Dave method whereas I think eneroth’s version is a smart wrapper around the regular solid tools.

I just purchased BoolTools2 and it works fantastic. Thank for the help, I can keep on working on my project now.