I am having trouble subtracting

Hello everyone, I recently bought sketchup Pro for personal use at home. Everytime I try to subtract one component from another, a different result appears everytime even though I am following the directions from the help menu. Can someone help me out with this? It is very frustrating and making me wish I didn’t spend the money.

Thank you

Can you upload the two components so we can see what’s going on? Are you sure they’re solids?


here are the components. I want the dark gray to subtract from the white. I am positive they are solids because the entity info states they both are. Each time I use the subtract tool I get a different result.

You may have trouble if the model is small in scale. Hard to tell just from the image. If you upload the actual SKP file, we can help you better.

It seems to work.

We need more information about what you have and what you’re doing.