Subtraction - probably something dumb :-(

Hi guys - am new to the forum and new to Sketchup but am learning fast and enjoying it! I want to use Sketchup to print parts for my geeky model car hobby and have already done some nice basic parts using imported Adobe Illustrator shapes that I extruded. Now onto a new project and made some good shapes but am struggling subtracting shape A from B. I’ve exploded the shapes and made them solid components, they’re unique and yet I cannot carve the curved shaped A out of plate B? So sorry to drop a newbie question like this. Subtract Query.skp (325.7 KB)

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Scale up by 1000, subtract, then scale down by 0.001


Thanks! Is it a ‘scale’ bug?

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You’re welcome!

Search in forum about ‘tiny edge’ or ‘small scale’ and you’ll fine a lot of discussions about working on a very small scale.

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Thanks guys - what an awesome community as well. That makes a HUGE difference. Sorry I’d not come across this topic yet! Works a treat now.


Making progress and learning fast! ish. I’ve designed this structure and having rounded the corners with 1001Bit rounding tool, I wanted to make the entire roof a domed. What’s the best way to do this because I couldn’t get follow me to behave due to the slanted nature of the ends. Drawing and arch either side gives me the two end surfaces but how do I get an arched roof surface on top? Also will this all go horribly wrong due to the thin edge issue /scale issue when I scale back /1000x to get to my milimeter scale? (Vertical tube is there to be subtracted later).

Arch issue.skp (451.3 KB)

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OK some sloppinasties - my bad. I’ll look for Curviloft then!
You’re a superhero! Thanks!

Can I only get it from Sketchucation - not seeing it in Extension Warehouse?

Fredo6 does not in general use the EW, he prefers SketchUcation.

Well I am happy to sign up if it’s worth doing?

You can do manually what Curviloft does very quickly. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth signing up at Sketchucation.

Signup is free and there are many other authors who also use only the SketchUcation store (myself included).

I’ll have a look at it but doesn’t take away I still need to find out how to do it manually :wink:

easier to understand

Thanks - I used the Curviloft tool and it worked but left the shape non-solid, so I’m hunting for the defect :slight_smile: Gates.skp (432.0 KB)

Thanks for the second vid - exploding the curves was a good reminder that I should do, and the endpoints view I wasn’t using before so useful basics for me thank you!!

The group nested within the Gates component is not necessary and is preventing Gates from being seen as a solid by SketchUp. Explode that nested group and Gates becomes a solid.

Curviloft creates it’s geometry within a group so you need to explode it to make the original group a solid.

Just explaining where the group Steve is talking about came from.

Yup, thanks Box, I realised that when Steve mentioned a group that I was sure wasn’t there before! Thanks all!