Subtract tool not working! Urgent deadline approaching!

tunnel.skp (3.4 MB)
Uploaded my file here, as you can see i’m trying to subtract the white inner form from the larger sliced curved tunnel pieces, every other sliced piece of the tunnel has been subtracted properly apart from 2 of the groups which are refusing to play ball.

If anyone could help that would be amazing!! the deadline for presenting the renders on this model is Friday so starting to panic. tried everything i know and scoured the internet but found nothing.

hoping to find a solution soon :slightly_smiling_face:

all the best,


Thankyou so much!! tried that on my sketchup and it’s still not working for some reason?? could i ask a massive favour, would you be able to subtract those 2 pieces for me in line with the rest of the tunnel and send the file back? would be forever in your debt

not sure whats gone wrong with my sketchup :((

Restart SketchUp and try again.

Just tried that and still not working? :frowning:

ok got it to work for whatever reason subtract wasn’t working when i moved the piece along the red or green axis! thank you so much

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